2 Hour Street Prep Lesson


2 Hours One-on-One Instruction (included in our Driver Education program)

  • 2 full hours of one-on-one training with one of our coaches in a MasterDrive vehicle. This training is scheduled in a MasterDrive vehicle on one of our Driving Range Facilities. These 2 hours are very concentrated with many repetitions. Your student will learn:
    • Car control and precision.
    • How to brake in crisis situations without losing control.
    • The dynamics of a 4,000 pound vehicle in motion.
  • Pricing:
    • Colorado: $150
    • California: $175


Each of our Driving Camp programs can be purchased separately. The 1 Day Driving Camp, 2 Day Driving Camp and Winter Driving Skills Camp can be added to our Driver Education program. Click here for more details.

For questions or to enroll please contact your local office.