Mission Statement

Pioneering in auto safety by increasing driver performance

MasterDrive was created in order to provide a more effective approach toward automobile safety by increasing the performance level of drivers of all ages and vehicle uses. This is done by increasing the awareness, skill, and overall personal confidence of each client; by developing more appropriate attitudes and mentalities towards driving; and by establishing a higher level of pure driving enjoyment.

Our objective is to create a “master” driver…one who is a master at dynamic control skills, crisis braking skills, reacts immediately and correctly in a crisis, and understands the limitations of the conditions, the car, and especially the driver. In their mental attitude, they have confidence in personal driving skills and abilities, and have an understanding of personal responsibilities while driving.

MasterDrive believes that:

  1. The automobile has become a primary functional necessity in our society, and is the representation of an individual’s independence.
  2. The fatalities, injuries, pain, suffering and the resulting escalation in the costs of auto insurance can be changed only through better preparation strategies and more appropriate driver licensing procedures.
  3. The automobile is used for a variety of purposes, including transportation, business, hobby, image, fun and enjoyment.
  4. The automobile being produced today is of a design and engineering level, which requires the user to have a greater understanding and higher level of operational skills.
  5. With a higher level of performance opportunities of today’s automobile, a higher level of performance by the driver is appropriate for both safety and enjoyment.
  6. With so little opportunity for development of skills in the understanding and operation of an automobile, most drivers have acquired driving habits, which present a danger to themselves, their families, and other drivers on the roads.
  7. Better skills and automobile systems can help drivers react quickly and correctly in potentially dangerous situations, but the driver is the ultimate management system of the car.
  8. Each individual has specific individual needs and desires regarding their driving performance. MasterDrive’s highest priority is to recognize and design a program to accomplish the client’s objectives.

Above all, MasterDrive shall endeavor to impact the attitudes of those involved with the operation of the company, as well as the client’s of the company, in becoming committed to quality performance while driving.