Our Values

The foundation stones that make us who we are

More than a plaque on the wall, this is a way of life in our company. We believe the alignment with these values and the daily implementation of them is what makes the difference at MasterDrive. We hope you find them meaningful and that they are evident in your interactions with us.

  1. We believe that the company and its activity is a vehicle for the development and growth of the associates and should encourage the associates to maximize their potential.
  2. We believe that the associates must share a common belief in the company and it mission, and as a result will share a commitment to accomplish that mission.
  3. We believe that the primary purpose of the company and its associates is that of a teacher; and that when a teacher ceases to learn, he ceases to teach. ;“Such a one becomes rigid and fixed – a signpost, perhaps, but not a teacher”.
  4. We believe that personal performance is limited by self-confidence, and that fear will not be used as an incentive for motivation. We believe in personal motivation and recognition.
  5. We believe that the quality and specific contribution of each and every associate creates the texture and fabric of the company, for the company is composed of nothing other than its associates.
  6. We will strive to the highest level to help our client achieve his/her personal objectives.
  7. We believe that our associates should not for long subsidize those who do not have the capacity or desire to produce.
  8. We will not sanction incompetence or mediocrity.
  9. We believe in creating and maintaining an environment of mutual respect and support; and therefore will not tolerate an environment of disrespect and disruption.
  10. We believe in a spirit of cooperation rather than competition and coercion.
  11. We believe in concepts of integrity and harmony – where each link of a chain represents the total strength of the chain; and the interrelatedness of each link is its limitation.
  12. We believe in a concept of synergism, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We believe that this powerful energy can be directed in ways that can cause miracles to happen.