Enhanced Driver Education : Additional Training

Enhance your Driver Education experience by investing in additional training.  You may select the training you believe will benefit you or your new driver the most.  If you decide to enhance the Driver Education training at the time of enrollment, the total tuition can be added to a payment plan if you choose to take advantage of that option.


  • Some students prefer “in class” instruction within a structured classroom environment.  You can enhance your classroom instruction by upgrading from an online classroom for only $75.00.NOTE: Live classroom includes 4 separate classroom events held at one of MasterDrive’s offices.
  • Improve your driving skills by spending more time on one of our driving ranges.  The 2 hour one-on-one driving range instruction that is part of MasterDrive’s Driver Education program can be enhanced by upgrading to:     
  • You can add our 2 hour Winter Driving Skills instruction to our Driver Education program or take it independently from other instruction.
    • This two hour training will prepare any driver for the perils of driving in slick road conditions.  It’s not just watching a video or listening to a lecture – you’ll be on the skid pad in your car practicing skid recoveries, braking techniques, and spin control.
    • Purchased Individually.
    • Pricing: $120 at all Colorado locations