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Traditionally the preparation of a new driver has centered around academics in the classroom and some practice on the street. For some reason, the state required minimum training has become the norm in training students. Very few companies offer anything over and above the minimums. This style of training is simply insufficient to prepare a new driver.

MasterDrive has trained over 100,000 students in our programs and we have identified the essential training elements a new driver must learn. We believe that every new driver should participate in training that contains these essential elements.

The MasterDrive Essentials Program

The new driver must learn to operate and control their vehicle. Learning to control the vehicle will require development of new skills, just like learning a new sport. And, developing new skills requires repetition. Just like any other new skill, we are not proficient in the beginning, but with repetition and coaching the skills can be learned quickly. We also know that the new driver must also learn the ‘Rules of the Road’. Understanding the practical application of the ‘Rules of the Road’ is dependent on relating this education to real life experience. And finally the new driver needs to put it all into practice and gain experience in the real world, out on the streets. Here is a description of how MasterDrive trains a new driver on ‘the Essentials”.

Driving Camp

The student participates in a One Day Driving Camp. Driving Camp is similar to any other sports camp. It is an immersion in developing specific skills and building confidence. Class size is kept small so our coaches can focus on the specific learning style and needs of each individual student. During the camp the new student learns; crash avoidance, crisis braking, precision placement, driving in slick conditions, skid recovery and prevention and much, much more. And like learning a new sport the process is fun, exciting and challenging. The coaches who work with teens in this unique training environment go through an extensive training program to learn about – “how the brain actually learns more effectively” – “how to increase the performance of kids with special needs” – “the importance of a teen’s psychology (his/her state of mind and how to make the changes necessary” – and more. No other school can match the level of education and preparation our coaches receive.

We will recommend specific practice for each new driver following Driving Camp. Meet your student’s coach at the end of Driving Camp for detailed information about what the next step in their development should be. Think about it this way, If you sent a new player to basketball camp, you would expect to have to spend some time on the court afterward, Driving Camp works the same way. The parent or sponsors have a very important and active role in this process.

An upgrade is available to add a second full day of Driving Camp, which will double the repetitions and the time, spent with professional driving coaches helping your new driver.


The new driver needs to know and understand the Rules of the Road. We have developed a self-paced on-line curriculum for the new driver. There are many laws that are unique to each state and there are new things to learn, like how to navigate a multi-lane traffic circle correctly. The academic portion is also a requirement for licensing and/or the issuance of a permit.

Students may upgrade to attend a LIVE presentation of the classroom curriculum with a professional instructor guiding them through the learning process.

Behind the Wheel On the Street

Students will finish with three on-street lessons. Each lesson is two hours long and will build on the skills the student honed in the previous lesson. MasterDrive provides a fleet of late model sedans for this element of the training. Each car is equipped to allow the coach to intervene if needed and also to provide the coach with a good view of what is happening around the vehicle. Our fleet is also covered with high contrast graphics so they stand out in traffic and are very visible to other motorists. Each coach completes a very rigorous training program that we designed and are updated through continuing education and evaluations.

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