Meet Our Staff

Get to know the people that make MasterDrive tick

Mike MoseleyMichael Moseley – Lead Coach for Driving Camp

“Hello. I am Michael Moseley. I am now 23 years old, and I attended The MasterDrive Experience when I was in high school as a new driver. I have had a lifelong passion for the automobile that has driven me to work as a technician as well as an antique car restorer. Additionally, I love driving all types of vehicles and am constantly trying to improve my overall skills. Coaching at MasterDrive allows me to share my love for driving with others and improve not only their driving skills, but mine as well. There is a huge need for better driver training and preparation of young drivers in America. I like the fact that I can contribute, and take an active role in providing greater quality driver training that actually saves lives. That is what The MasterDrive Experience is about.

Eric BloomEric Bloom – Coach

When I first joined MasterDrive, the slogan was “Simply the Best”. And it was written in crimson on a banner in the classroom. This seemed a natural fit after serving in the Marine Corps for twenty years where the colors are crimson and gold. And the biggest reason for joining the Marines was that my father drilled it into my head that the Marines were the best. I’ve always strived to be the best. I enjoy the art of helping people do it right. I believe MasterDrive is the best at doing what we do.

Teaching, coaching, striving for constant improvement has been a way of life for me. Just before I retired from the Marines, I received a call from a gunnery sergeant who had worked for me ten years prior when she was a sergeant. Her message was that we were the best in that command. Then she said, “you were right”. “Right about what?” I asked. “Right about everything” was her reply. That was worth more to me than any award or decoration I’ve received. Whoa! Certainly I wasn’t always right, but I like the process of trying to get there. It’s nice to hear parents tell me that MASTERDRIVE does it right.

I’ve helped athletes to state podiums, lead soccer teams to the state playoffs, and as a coach, helped skiers exceed their expectations in all terrain and all conditions. People have the desire to improve, but often have no idea about what steps they need to take. It takes more than desire. It takes analysis, and sometimes trial and error to hit on the right combinations of tactics and strategies to help people truly know where they are what they need to do to take it to the next level. Helping young people become a better, safer driver is like other coaching activities. Controlling a vehicle, however, is much more important to their lives and the lives of those around them.”

Doug BertoglioDoug Bertoglio – MasterDrive Certified Coach in all phases of The MasterDrive Experience

“I have been a coach with MasterDrive since December of 2010. I live in Laguna Hills (California) with my wife and two adult children. Both of my children are also MasterDrive Skills Coaches. I retired as a sergeant from the Orange County (CA) Sheriff’s Department, having served for almost 31 years. During my tenure with the OCSD, I worked a number of assignments including courts, jail, patrol, traffic, and helicopter observer. I spent 9 years as a Motor Deputy and 6 as a Motor Sergeant. I was a Patrol Training Officer and a supervisor of the Major Accident Reconstruction Team. I am a state certified Police Motorcycle Instructor and an Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor.

I truly believe in The MasterDrive Experience program and I know that my efforts and my fellow coaches are making a huge difference in the safety of young people in Orange County, by producing skilled and knowledgeable young drivers.”

Mike DiBenedettoMike DiBenedetto – Parent Coach

Proud husband and father of two, Mike has been with MasterDrive of Orange County since August of 2009 in the Sales/Customer Service Department. Mike was born and raised in Southern California, graduated from Colorado State University, and currently resides in Huntington Beach, California.

“I often think about losing my best friend from high school in a car crash, and every time I do I become a more committed believer in The MasterDrive Experience. I enjoy working with the MasterDrive Families and doing my part to help reduce the risk of our teens becoming a part of the alarming statistics of teen deaths and injuries. I am looking forward to growing within this totally unique company that delivers more than just a license – but life-saving training to more and more kids.”