Teen Driver Survival 101 – A Coaching Kit for Parents

When it comes time for our kids to start to drive, as parents we begin to look for help in preparing our kids to drive. Because of the danger to our children, the risk to our families, and the importance mastery of defensive driving has on their safety in the future, their preparation is perhaps the most important responsibility we have as parents.

Parents are scared to death for two basic reasons: 1.) teen drivers are almost nine times more likely to be in a crash than middle-aged drivers; 2.) the resulting financial risk of every family’s assets. The learning-to-drive process usually becomes emotional – sometimes a lot of emotion – because of the danger and fear.

The Parent Coaching Kit – Teen Driver Survival 101 – provides a solution for this very challenging process! Rather than just putting your child in your car, going onto the street, and hoping for the best, this Kit creates a framework and introduces strategies you can use. The Kit is a video series of very specific strategies that both parents and their new drivers have found to be very helpful and valuable!

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