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How Much Driving Time Is Typical Before One Gets Their License?

There is a significant difference between driving a vehicle with automatic transmission and one with a manual transmission, and this difference is reflected in how quickly you can learn the basics of driving a car. Manual transmission is definitely more challenging, but in both cases, you must take time to learn a multi-tasking activity, educate new skills and situational awareness. …

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What a Skids-Course Offers in Your Driver Education

Taking a skid-course is definitely an advantage, in your driver education, because common courses do not teach you how to react in extreme situations. Statistics show that most people deal with at least one skid in real life, so it is best to know what to expect. Being prepared brings a series of benefits. First, you will feel more confident …

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Is it necessary to have snow tires in Colorado?

When we talk about car tires, we think about the most important components of the car as they ensure adequate cohesion with the road. What about winter tires? Winter tires are especially created for the cold season and provide better road adherence when there is snow, ice formation, on the road surface.  Winter tires are recommended by most of the …

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What are the most popular cars for teen drivers?

Young people are predisposed to accidents nine times more than adults, so parents should not buy them heavy and powerful cars, because they are difficult to handle and they consume a lot of fuel, according to a recent US consumer report.  It is important for the parent to enroll your teen in one of the driving schools in Denver to …

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