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What Are People Saying about Self-Driving Cars?

Self-driving cars, also known as autonomous cars or driverless cars, are definitely a thing of the future. In their current configuration, these state-of-the-art vehicles in experimental phase are capable of a certain amount of autonomy achieved with the help of very special sensors and other solutions that allow the vehicle to sense its surrounding and with the help of advanced …

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When Should Your Teen Enroll in Driving Lessons?

Teaching your teen the practical skills of driving can be very stressful and if you don’t handle it well, it can also become damaging for your relation ship with your child, so if your kid is of the age when he or she can start formal driver education and you want to avoid unnecessary conflict, while also making sure that …

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How to Design the Perfect Summer Driving Playlist

Music is a very powerful tool and a solid playlist for a lengthy road-trip can change the long drive ahead of you into an enjoyable journey. However, creating that playlist is not that easy – you can turn to online resources and download near-perfect playlists compiled by others, but chances are that each playlist that is not compiled by you …

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Top Podcasts to Listen to While Driving

Listening to music or to the radio is a great way to keep alert and entertained while you are driving, especially if you are on a long road-trip that involves night driving as well, but most static radio posts seems to play the same ten playlists over and over again and you can easily get bored with your own playlists …

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Why Should You Know Car Repair Terms?

Drivers don’t have to be able to repair their own cars – that’s the mechanic’s job. However, knowing at least some basic car repair terms are beneficial even if you are sure that you will never get your hands dirty trying to fix your car – here is why: More accurate information for mechanics – if you are familiar with …

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How to Organize Your Car’s CD Collection for Best Driving Efficiency

People tend to organize their CD collections in many different ways. While some prefer to organize their music by album, others like to listen by genre, recognizing the fact that they are more likely to enjoy a certain type of music, depending on the road they’re driving on, their mood, or whether or not they’re driving alone.   If you …

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