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Why It’s Important To Read Your Car’s Owner’s Manual

One of the things that you should keep in your car all the time is the owner’s manual. This instructional book is important especially when the car is new and you are still not familiar with it, but also later, as it provides useful information about the car’s features as well as important troubleshooting advice. Typically, there is a lot …

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Talking With Your Teen About Driving With Their Friends In The Car

Statistics show that car accidents are the main cause of death among young people. Here comes the role of the parents who have to constantly talk with their children and make them responsible to drive cautiously, even when they are with their friends in the car and feel like pushing the limits. Responsibility is that quality that sometimes makes the …

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Tips For Deciding If Leasing Or Buying A Car Is Right For You

If you buy a car, you will have to pay upfront about 10% of its price, which for some people can be too much for their budget. On the other hand, leasing the car allows you to pay only a small upfront cost and some leasing companies may even allow you to leave with the car without paying any fee. …

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Talking With Your Teen Driver About Where To Park To Avoid Tow-Away Zones

Tow-Away zones must be avoided. They are indicated by special road signs, placed on public streets. Drivers are not allowed neither to park, nor stop in these areas (not even temporarily), because their vehicles will be taken and impounded immediately. These signs may also appear in combination with other regulations. When it comes to inexperienced drivers, it is common that …

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The Importance of Knowing What To Do When Your Car Has a Flat Tire

A flat tire is a common incident that each driver experiences at least once in their life. Luckily, this problem can be solved relatively easily. But do we know how? Theoretically, anyone can overcome such a situation by changing the wheel with the spare wheel in the trunk. Additionally, there are several other safety systems designed to keep the car …

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How to Choose the Car Color That’s Right for You

Are you in the market to buy a brand new car? Although the issue of whether you need a family sedan, a 2-door sports car or a pickup truck might be among the most important to consider, less significant issues such as the color of your car will also turn out to be of greater importance than you might think. …

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How Important Is It to Talk About Car Insurance with Your Teen?

  If you have a teenage son or daughter who will be getting their new car and driver’s license soon, you’ll find that there are quite a few topics you have to talk to them about that you initially thought won’t come up until they become an adult. Sadly, safety concerns dictate otherwise, and concerns like car insurance will be …

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What Can You Expect from the Best High Schools in Colorado?

Moving to Colorado can be a really big decision. When you also have children, the problem can be even more problematic, especially if your teen already goes to high school. Finding a good high school close to home is not usually something that’s so accessible in most areas. Aside from it having to be a safe and reputable place, where …

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Should You Consider Talking to Your Teen About Driving too Slow?

Not everyone is the same when they’re behind the wheel. Some drivers have a more dominating, aggressive personality, while others are sometimes too shy to take the initiative. Sadly, the latter option is one that can get you into a lot of trouble if, for example, you end up driving too slowly. If your teen is in such a predicament, …

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