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How Do You Resolve to Improve your Driving in 2019?

For people who don’t drive too often, a natural New Year’s resolution would be to drive more frequently and adopt an improved approach to driving in 2019. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, and you’ll find that your driving skills and knowledge might have eroded a bit since the time you got your driver’s license.   The good news …

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How to Help Your Teen Get the Best Driver’s Ed Experience: Driving Lessons for Generation Z

After the Millennials comes Generation Z, the new generation of high school seniors and college students that everyone is talking about today. If you have a teenage son or daughter, their behavioral tendencies and mentality will likely be similar to that of their other Generation Z peers, oftentimes showing remarkable differences from older generations.   Generation Z teens tend to …

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Understanding Your Car’s Owner Manual and the Information You Should Get from It

Your car’s owner manual contains a lot of information, and for a first time driver, all that information can be a bit overwhelming at first. Until you get a firmer grasp about how your car works and what it requires, it is essential to make sure that you know the basics of what to look for in your owner’s manual.  …

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Getting Your Vehicle Ready for the Cold Season – The Importance of Winterizing Your Car

Everyone knows it’s important to put on your car’s winter tires once the freeze comes and snowstorms are frequent. But winterizing your car might mean a lot more than just that. So, let’s take a closer look at what winterizing tasks are the most important to consider, and how you should go about putting them into practice in order to …

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How to Talk to Your Teen About Safety During Winter Road Trips

For younger drivers, the wintertime brings along a whole new set of challenges. If your teen just started driving this year, and she never went through the experience of having to go on a winter road trip, then you will have to take some time to discuss the matter with her, and talk about the importance of safety and preventive …

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How Important Is It to Continue Your Ongoing Driver Education?

Learning to drive is considered by many to be a one-time thing. You learn from your instructor, memorize the traffic rules, learn how to apply them, and pass your exam. After that, most drivers who have achieved these goals will merely rely on their driving skills being honed by continual practice, but without giving any thought to additional training and …

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