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Importance of Knowing What “New Traffic Pattern” Means

The “New traffic pattern” sign is often seen on the side of the road approaching a section with ongoing road work or around intersections to inform drivers that there is a change in the conditions under which the affected road section can be used. The sign usually indicates road works that restrict or change lane usage or informs about changed …

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Talking with Your Teen About Slamming on Brakes

Slamming on the brakes is a reflex that many drivers, especially beginner, teen drivers have – a normal reaction and a reflex to a road situation perceived as dangerous. However, acting instinctually and jumping on the brake can in itself cause a dangerous situation – the car behind you might not be aware of the danger that you see and …

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How Was the Wheel Invented?

In its earliest, most primitive form, the wheel was just a circular block of stone, the center of which was bored to form a whole into which an axle bearing could be inserted to allow for creating more complex structures. The exact time when the wheel was invented is not known, but supposedly, the wheel came about as the result …

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How Was the Stop Light Invented?

The stop light is among the most important inventions of the 20th century – a device that makes use of electricity, another modern invention, to address a modern need, the alternation of right of way in road traffic to make moving around safer.  Paying attention to traffic lights is a strict teaching at the driving school in Lakewood and other …

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The Evolution of the Stop Sign – the History of One of the Most Important Traffic Control Devices

The stop sign is among the most important traffic signs – it informs drivers that they must stop completely and make sure there are no other road users coming towards them on the road on which they want to continue their way. It is one of the signs that instructors for driving lessons Orange County offers are strict upon.  Stop …

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