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The Truth About Hands-Free Driving Devices – Are They Really Safe?

So you’re driving on a long road trip, or trying to get to the neighboring state to visit your relatives. Suddenly the phone rings and you remember you still have your hands-free device on. Do you answer it?   This is the dilemma that lots of people are faced with while driving their cars, and most believe that accessing their …

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The Best Pneumatic Tips to Help You Find Your Way Around Town

City driving can be a hassle, since you never really know what guidelines to use while adjusting your car to it. If you’re used to driving a lot outside of town but not so much in town, then it stands to reason that you might be confused about the optimal pneumatic pressure to use inside the city.   Before going …

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What Is the True Difference Between Regular and Premium Gas?

There’s a lot of talk among drivers about the differences between regular and premium fuel. While your car might require premium, both types of fuel are considered equally efficient, depending on the type of car you’re driving.   To make sure you know exactly what type of fuel your car needs, you have to first check your car’s manual, which …

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The Most Important Things You Always Have to Keep in Your Car Trunk

When you’re going out on the road, you will want to make sure you have everything you need. The alternative to that would lead to unwanted situations and hazards that could end up keeping you stuck in the middle of nowhere for a day or two – in worst case scenarios, even more.   But let’s not dwell on the …

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Taking Proper Care of Your Car on a Budget – How to Save Money on Car Maintenance

Car maintenance and repair is not normally something you’d want to save money on. After all, if you drive a lot, you’ll want your car to be in perfect condition at all times, so you can avoid any accidents or unwanted mishaps such as your battery dying in the middle of the road.   Nevertheless, if you’re on a budget, …

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What Are Fog Lights and Why Are They Even Required?

There has been much talk about whether regular fog lights are effective enough to light your way thought tick fog. While most experts including those at the Colorado Springs driving schools agree that they are, it is important to first learn more about why these lights are needed and how they are used, before forming your own opinion on the matter. …

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Why Are Some Headlights Different Colors?

Headlights are characteristic features on any car, components that contribute to the car’s personality and with it, to the identity of the owner as well – small wonder so many car owners try to personalize the way their car looks by replacing standard, transparent headlights with colored ones. However, not all colors are legal, even though headlights and bulbs can …

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