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Why It Is Important To Be Aware Of Blind Spots in Your Car

Blind spots are any area around your car that you cannot properly see in the rearview mirrors. Those who are lucky to own a modern car of recent generation, have rearview cameras and proximity sensor available to help them avoid any kind of collision. However, many people still drive cars without these modern facilities, and they need to be aware …

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Staying Calm When Your Teen Starts Driving

Starting with the age of 16, every US citizen is eligible for getting a driver’s license. It is an exciting moment for any teenager, and a dreaded one for their parents. However, you should not let anxiety get the better of you. You were a teen once, and you managed to learn how to drive properly.   Here are a …

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How Driving Lessons Help Teens Gain Confidence

Many teenagers are looking forward to the day when they are legally able to get their driver’s license. However, they are also anxious about their driving skills. Most of them practice their first driving maneuvers in the quiet residential area where they live – but this is a far cry from the busy traffic downtown.   To ease their fears …

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Why Professional Driving Lessons Are Important

Many young people learn to drive from their parents and pass the driving license test with flying colors. However, you should always encourage anyone you know to take professional driving lessons – even if they already have a license.   Here are some key benefits of doing so:   Learn Defensive Driving Defensive driving is a skill you can only …

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Staying Focused While Driving

  Drivers are under a lot of stress. Even if they do not have to deal with heavy traffic, they have to have distributive attention, both ahead and looking in the rearview mirror. Plus, there are lots of distractions, such as a mobile phone ringing.  For new drivers, it’s best for them to attend certified driving schools in Colorado Springs …

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Dangers of Summer Driving

Summer is almost upon us and most of you are probably thinking of taking your family to various weekend getaways by car. However, summer driving has some risks you should be aware of.   For your family’s safety and yours, take into account the following issues:   Road Congestions Guess what? You are not the only one going out of …

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