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Deciding Which Navigation App Works Best for You

Navigation apps come in so many styles, with so many functionalities to offer that picking one is very hard, indeed. To help you make the best decision, here are the factors that you should pay attention to when evaluating available apps: Paid or free – you can easily find free navigation apps and paid apps, available for a very small …

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Where to Look for the Most Up-To-Date Road Information

Possessing accurate information about road and traffic conditions is essential whenever you leave for a road trip – here is where you can get that information: Traffic apps – there are lots of navigation apps that you can download either for free or for a small fee and that provide real-time alerts regarding any road conditions and situations that you …

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Tips for Staying Safe While on the Roads During the Holidays

Traveling safely in your car takes a bit more than knowing how to drive – here are some tips that can help you stay safe even on long road trips during the holidays: Prepare the car for the road – check and top up the fluids in your car, check the tires and replace them if they are worn, check …

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How To Incentivize Safe Driving

Safe driving means that the driver is permanently alert and attentive to the road circumstances respecting speed limits and priority and is not only permanently aware of the applicable road rules, but also anticipates the actions of the other participants in the traffic. Moreover, safe drivers always take responsible action when it comes to ensuring adequate behavior inside the cabin …

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Tips for Talking with Your Teen About Long-Distance Driving

Going on a road trip and driving all the way is a dream entertained by many teen drivers looking for adventure. However, young drivers, even skilled ones, lack the experience and the foresight necessary for tackling dangerous situations, so they need all the help and advice by taking driving classes in Orange County to stay safe on the long road. …

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