A Few Helpful Tips for Memorizing Road Signs and Learning Faster for Your Driving Exam

A Few Top Tips For Driving Schools

Learning all the road signs for your driving exam can take a while, and it can be a tedious and difficult process. However, if you’re having difficulty in memorizing all the signs, there are a few simple tips you can follow to make sure you get the best possible results:


  • Start by learning about the most important signs and memorizing not only what they look like but why they look like that. For example, the stop sign and any other signs that show restrictions typically have red in them, while most signs that lift restrictions are either white, yellow or blue.
  • Learn the meaning of signs that have arrows in them as a bulk lesson. Arrows are usually easy to memorize, since they point to allowed or restricted directions, so you can usually learn them all at once.
  • Next, put all the speed-related signs and signs that have various other numbers – such as those that restrict vehicles over a certain weight – in the same category, and learn them at the same time.


This approach of categorizing signs and learning the meaning behind each of them can help you memorize them more easily, since you will have practiced similar signs at the same time and learned all about them before moving on to the next category. This approach will keep your mind clear and help you organize the learning process far more efficiently for improved memory retention, and will be beneficial when attending the driving schools in Colorado Springs and other cities.