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The MasterDrive Experience was recently the primary focus of an article written by Kevin A. Wilson in AutoWeek magazine, entitled “Who’s Teaching The Teens?” Wilson is a long-time writer for AutoWeek, and is nationally known for his involvement in changing the perception and strategies of training teen drivers.

AutoWeek.com Article

Every parent of every teen driver should not only read but study this article, to make their own determination, because every child is at a high level of risk. More than 5,000 teens will die in car crashes in this country this year. More than 300,000 will be seriously injured! 80% of new teen drivers will be in a crash the first two years.

Do we all basically know this? Of course. It’s no secret. It’s catastrophic! Everyone knows and talks about how terrible it is. Insurance companies can quote you the staggering statistics. National safety experts will quote the statistics. But who is going to define the standards – the solutions?

In “Who’s Teaching The Teens?”, the author examines the continuing saga in regard to the nationwide minimal standards of how young drivers are prepared (or not prepared). Along with the minimal standards of young drivers, are the minimal standards expected of the typical instructors. Nothing is happening to change it.

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