Advantages of All-Season Tires

All Season Tires

As the name suggests, this type of tires is designed to combine features of both winter and summer tires.

One of the main advantages, for which many people choose all-season tires, is money. Costs are significantly reduced because you do not have to go to service and change your tires twice a year and besides, one set of tires will always be cheaper than two sets. Also, without a second set of tires, storage and maintenance costs are no longer incurred.  Although, a Lakewood driving school for new drivers recommends snow tires for the winter months.

So far, we can say that all-season tires are very practical: they take less money out from your pocket and save you from additional worries. Being suitable for the cold and the warm season, this type of tires can be safely used in different environments; they successfully cope with ice, snow, forest roads and more. It is perfectly legal to use them in any season, but only on small and compact cars.

Are all-season tires suitable for long-roads?

Not really. Specialists do not recommend all-season tires for drivers who make more than 10,000 km per year. For them, distinct winter and summer tires are safer.

Last but not least, even if they are very advantageous, be careful not to forget to take your all-season tires down, from time to time. They wear out faster than winter or summer tires, so make sure you check their condition at least once a year.