Are Car Mounts A Good Investment?


!st Lesson Phone Safety While Driving


While on the road, our phones are more than just a device that we use to make calls – modern phones being smart as they are, they fulfil the role of navigation device, entertainment provider and many others and a tool that is so versatile certainly deserves a safe place of its own in the car. The best way to make sure your phone does not roll around the car’s cabin while you are driving and to use the phone in a safe way is to get a smart phone car mount. Here are the major benefits of these simple and sturdy accessories:

  • You can find car mounts designed especially for the type of phone that you use or you can get a universal mount suitable for phones of any type and size;
  • More than just holders – modern car mounts do more than just hold your phone safely in a place where you can reach it easily. Many models come with additional features, such as USB ports, a charging function, adjustable holding angle;
  • Varied design options – traditional, cradle-type mounts are the most common, but wireless and magnetic holders are also available, what’s more, you can nowadays find great units that can hold two devices at the same time.

The licensed driving schools in Colorado Springs train their students not to use their cell phone while driving, outside of using the GPS that it offers.  So a phone mount is recommended to use while using your phone for for driving directions.