Are Car Windshield Reflectors A Good Investment?

Windshield Sun Light Reflector

Car windshield reflectors are shades made from reflective material that are attached to the car’s windshield to block the sun’s rays, thus preventing the car’s interior from heating up and protecting the items in the car’s cabin against the damage caused by harsh light. Windshield reflectors are affordable and very useful accessories – here is why you need them:

  • Protection against UV radiation – UV radiation is harmful not only for the skin – it can cause damage to the plastic components inside your car and it can also damage leather surfaces. Windshield reflectors are made from reflective material, usually from aluminum foil, that does not let UV rays through, thus ensuring that your dashboard and the other plastic parts in the cabin will not crack and that your leather seats will not get damaged either;
  • Easy installation and storage – windshield reflectors can be folded very small and stored easily underneath the car seats or in the trunk and all you need to do when you need you shield is to unfold it and attach it to your windshield with the reflective surface facing the exterior;
  • You can find reflectors that attach to the outside of the windshield and can be used for protecting the windshield against snow and ice, and a good driving school in Lakewood instruct the students to use them.