Are Cars with Manual Transmission Systems Safer for Beginners to Drive?

Gear Shift

Should you consider “shifting” to a car with a manual transmission system, or should you stay with an automatic, like most people do? This question has probably crossed the minds of most car owners and drivers for many decades.


When it comes down to safety, many people might tell you that manual shifters are better, simply because there’s an extra pedal (the clutch) and you have to pay more attention while shifting gears. This, in turn would discourage most drivers from picking up a phone, daydreaming, or going into “auto pilot” mode, as it often happens when driving on long road trips with an automatic transmission.


However, the science behind the efficiency of manual transmissions systems isn’t as sound as it might seem. While driving a car with a manual transmission, some less experienced drivers might find an extra pedal to be distracting, and they could make more mistakes. Moreover, it can take a lot longer to master driving a manual transmission vehicle, rather than an automatic one.  However you can find a great Lakewood driving school to teach you how to be comfortable driving a manual transmission vehicle.


Ultimately, there is no clear response except the fact that you have to be constantly vigilant and make sure you use proper preventive driving while you’re on the road. That way, it won’t matter what type of car you’re driving, since you will have the best chance to avoid car crashes with the help of your driving skills and growing experience.