Are Keyless Cars Magic? How Do They Really Work and Why Are They Important?

Keyless Cars How They Work

Keyless cars can be quite amazing and practical. They provide you with quick access to your vehicle when you simply don’t feel like opening it the regular way (by using your key) and they can also make you look good to friends and family members that have never seen your flashy new car before.


But how does keyless entry work, and why is it really so important? We’ll answer these and many other questions in the following.


Keyless cars work by radio. A tiny radio transmitter in your key activates as soon as you press the button to open the car doors, and it sends a coded signal that the receiver in your vehicle will decode. Upon decoding the signal, the receiver sends it to the automated mechanism that controls the locking system of your vehicle, and tells it to open or close.


This system can be very practical when you have a lot of groceries or other important items to carry, and you want to get into the car as quickly as possible. It is also able to save you a lot of time when you’re in a hurry to get home or to any other destination, and it’s great to have around when it’s dark and you can’t quite find access to your car door as easily as you’d want to.  To learn more about maintenance and vehicle systems, visit with