Avoiding the Insurance Trap: What Can Wind Do to Your Car?

Car Insurance

Insurance companies can often influence drivers to buy expensive insurance and avoid basic coverage options that would normally be needed. For example, wind damage can be quite extensive for a number of reasons. If you don’t have it covered, however, your car can be damaged beyond repair and there would be nothing you can do about it but pay for your repairs or a new car out of your own bank account.


Wind can do a lot of damage. For example, the more extreme examples can show wind gushes near a tornado going so far as to sweep a car off its wheels and hurl it ahead at least 10-20 feet if not more. In most cases, however, wind damage is milder.


In most cases, the wind can hit suddenly, when you least expect it. For example, it can send shopping carts your way in the parking lot, denting your car; or it can hit your open door, bother you while you drive with your window open or send dust and debris flying towards your windshield. Wind can also cause you to lose control indirectly by altering your direction and preventing you from using regular steering maneuvers.  Taking driving lessons at MasterDrive in Colorado Springs can help prepare you to react quickly and avoid trouble.


The damage to your car door hinge is probably the most intense damage that the wind can cause to your car. When the wind suddenly and unexpectedly slams your door while you’re trying to get in or out of your car, it can damage the hinge without any possibility of repair, and even affect the body of your car.