Becoming a Better Driver: Why Are Driving Lessons Not Taught in School?

If you’re wondering why driving lessons aren’t taught in school, you’re not the only one. The idea that a person under the age of 18 can master driving a car has been around for a long time, and yet no one really thought about adding driving lessons to the high school curriculum – at least, not in recent years.


The reasons, however, are clear for those who know a thing or two about road safety and why it’s important that learning how to drive be a personal choice:


  • Driving requires a certain level of dexterity, agility and coordination. It’s not just a theoretical skill that everyone can master. In some cases, younger children and teens would have a lot of trouble mastering even the basics of driving.
  • Another good reason why driving isn’t taught in school is that formal driving schools require a lot of discipline and the tests are incredibly thorough. Preparing for those tests should be up to the parents and the teens who want to, and not a mandatory course that would be added to a school’s curriculum, and there are plenty of great instructors teaching driving classes in Orange County and the surrounding areas.
  • Finally, many believe that teens would take the idea of driving lessons being taught in school to mean that they can try out the things they’ve learned at home. Without the commitment of a future driver, they could cause a lot of harm to themselves and others, so most experts believe the lessons should be left up to each teen and parent to decide whether to take them or not.