Begin training before summer begins

Driver training has traditionally been a seasonal activity. Generations have taken Driver’s Ed during summer vacation. It is almost a rite of spring as much as it is a rite of passage. Unfortunately, teenagers have birthdays every day. Teens that turn 15 or 16 during the school year sometimes are expected to wait until summer to begin the process of getting a driver license.

Not only is this not fair, it isn’t the best training plan either. Teens should start training as soon as they are mature enough and old enough to do so. New drivers should be given plenty of time to practice before they are issued a full license. Starting early simply allows more time for this essential element of their preparation.

Additionally, summer vacation can be a very, very busy time in a teenager’s life. It is also the busiest season in the driver training world. So, start your teen’s training as soon as you are able and take advantage of any opportunity you have to steer clear of the summer rush.