Can Driving Video Games Help with Real Life Driving?

Video game enthusiasts have a significant advantage compared to non-gamers when it comes to real, on-road driving, according to several recent scientific studies.

Many of the studies used driving simulations to test whether gamers or non-gamers scored higher when it came to accuracy, problem-solving and distributed attention and the research projects also tried to assess the extent to which video games helped non-drivers develop the skills that non-gamers acquired through real-life situations. Some studies involved only playing driving simulator games, while others were carried out to find out whether only driving simulators could improve the skills necessary for driving or other, relatively simple, strategical action games were also beneficial, you can find Colorado Springs driving schools who offer such training.

According to the results, both action games and driving simulators proved efficient in developing the reflex control as well as the visual and motor skills involved in real life driving – while the first category of findings probably comes as no surprise (driving simulation games have been long used as part of the training programs followed by professional racers), the efficiency of action games, such as first-person shooters did surprise the researchers. What was even more surprising was that the development was noticeable within a few hours of playing, so to answer the question in the title: yes, driving video games as well as other types of video games that require fast action can help with real-life driving skills.