Can Steering Wheel Covers Really Keep Your Car Warm?

New Car With Heated Steering Wheel

There are two ways of keeping your steering wheel warm during the winter: opt for a car with a heated steering wheel built-in as one of its main features, or get a heated steering wheel cover. But are steering wheel covers even available in this form? If so, how much are they, and what do they entail?


Now, regular steering wheel covers neither keep your car nor your steering wheel warm. They are generally designed just to provide you with a better grip and a more aesthetic view of your interior. However, that isn’t the case for all steering wheel covers, some of which are a lot more advanced than others.


Nowadays, heated steering wheel covers are available to keep you and your car a little warmer. They operate by having a built-in heater that keeps them at a constant temperature when they’re plugged in or when their battery is charged, although the Lakewood driving school recommends having them installed. Usually depending on rechargeable batteries, these covers will need occasional recharging and you’ll also have to take care of the basic maintenance involved with all steering wheel covers.


The greatest benefit of owning one of these products is that it can keep your hands warm while you drive, aside from all the other benefits that a regular cover can offer. Depending on your budget and the size of your steering wheel, you might need to shop around until you find the ideal cover for your car.