Common Driving Pet Peeves in the US – What Bothers You the Most?

Annoyed Driver Honking

When dealing with other drivers in traffic, we are constantly bombarded with behaviors that tend to trigger us. Whether another driver just stopped next to us at a traffic light while consuming a large burger, or we see someone texting and driving, you probably already know how common driving pet peeves are in the United States. The following are just some of the more common driving pet peeves you’ll come across here:


  • A common pet peeve is tailgating. Other maneuvers that bother US-based drivers also include swerving in and out of traffic, speeding and not letting other drivers merge into the lane, all of these are “Don’t Do’s” that are taught at a driving school in Lakewood and surrounding cities.
  • Listening to loud music while on the road also bothers a lot of Americans, and it’s definitely a common behavior.
  • Probably the most hated driving pet peeve, however, is talking on the phone while driving. A lot of Americans hate that, and there’s no coincidence that there have been so many campaigns to try to reduce the frequency of accidents caused by that behavior.


Other statistics also show that excessive use of the horn and not using turn signals can also irritate a lot of drivers. Stats also show that the ones who are more likely to be influenced by other drivers not respecting the rules are usually women, rather than men; and most of them will not shy away from telling you exactly how they feel about your behavior.