Common Misconceptions About Drivers Ed

Misconceptions About Driving Lessons Driving Schools Common Mistakes

Driver’s education, often referred to simply as drivers’ ed, is the education program that prepares new drivers for taking the exams necessary for obtaining their learner’s permit and their driver’s license. The program involves theoretic education, provided by licensed instructors as well as practical training.

Like any learning and training process, driving lessons Orange County are also surrounded by myths and misconceptions – here are some:

  • Participating in the theoretic course is a waste of time – road rules can be learned from a book, but the instructors who provide the theoretical training are very experienced drivers who can also point out the potential risks of driving and they can tell learners how to avoid them, so attending the classes is very useful;
  • Anyone with a driving license can teach you to drive – theoretically, that is true, but many drivers, even experienced ones, have bad driving habits that should not be passed on. Another reason why the best way to learn how to drive is with the help of a professional driving instructor is that teaching is a profession that requires lots of special skills and even if the learner has a great driver in their family, that great driver is not necessarily a great teacher as well.