Common Myths about Driving Lessons

Driving Instructor

Most pieces of advice passed on by parents and driving instructors are perfectly sound, but driving teachers, especially amateur ones, inevitably pass on some myths as well – here are some of the most common ones:

  • Frequent oil changes improve the car’s condition – engine oil should be changed at the intervals indicated in the car’s manual or on the label of the engine oil you buy, not sooner and not later. Replacing engine oil that still provides the expected lubrication performance is a waste of money and it is completely unnecessary.
  • You must use the fuel with the highest octane – a myth that can have very serious consequences and can damage the car. Use only the fuel recommended in the vehicle’s manual.
  • Driving slowly is safer – young drivers must learn to use the driving technique that is best suited for the actual road and traffic conditions. Slowing down too much will confuse the drivers around you and in heavy traffic areas it can create a bottleneck as well.
  • Your arms should not cross while turning – the push and pull method is indeed more recommended, but crossing the arms while steering is not wrong either, you can choose the method that is more comfortable for you.

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