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Improve Your Driving And Your Court Case

We offer court-approved Level 1 and Level 2 courses to help you meet your requirements.  Our classes are now available in a facilitated online learning environment so they can be completed from the comfort of your home. We have hundreds of individuals just like you enrolling in and completing their court-ordered classes. Put this all behind you and become a safer, more skilled driver in the process! Once you complete your course with us, you can usually put a ticket violation on probation and take it off your DMV record. This can help keep your insurance premiums down.

The MasterDrive Experience

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The MasterDrive Traffic Court Program is a Corrective Driving class that is actually educational, effective, and enjoyable. Not some boring classroom that seems to be punishment. You will learn about car dynamics, driving on slick road conditions, crash avoidance maneuvers, and more.


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The offices are closed on weekends, but students are in classes, on-street sessions and in driving camps.