Dangers of Summer Driving

SuSummer Drive Driving Tipsmmer is almost upon us and most of you are probably thinking of taking your family to various weekend getaways by car. However, summer driving has some risks you should be aware of.


For your family’s safety and yours, take into account the following issues:


  1. Road Congestions

Guess what? You are not the only one going out of the city for a barbecue or a little mountain trekking. The roads will be full of cars. And where there are lots of cars, there is a higher risk of accidents, even chain crashes involving several vehicles.


  1. Drowsiness from Heat

If you do keep the air conditioned turned on at all times, the inside of the car will overheat. Apart from the risk of dehydration (thus, always bring water with you in sufficient quantity for everyone), you may feel drowsy and lose focus. When you are driving, one single moment of lack of attention is enough to cause a tragedy.


  1. Tire Blowouts

The tires of your cars are subject to enormous mechanical stress on the road. When the said road is also hot in a sweltering summer afternoon, all the conditions are met for a tire blowout. This is why places like MasterDrive in Colorado Springs instruct you to always carry a spare tire and have a mobile phone with you to request road assistance if necessary.