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Traditionally the preparation of a new driver has centered around academics in the classroom and some practice on the street. For some reason, the state required minimum training has become the norm in training students. Very few companies offer anything over and above the minimums. This style of training is simply insufficient to prepare a new driver.

MasterDrive has trained over 100,000 students in our programs and we have identified the essential training elements a new driver must learn. We believe that every new driver should participate in training that contains these essential elements.

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The new driver must learn to operate and control their vehicle. Learning to control the vehicle will require development of new skills, just like learning a new sport. And, developing new skills requires repetition. Just like any other new skill, we are not proficient in the beginning, but with repetition and coaching the skills can be learned quickly.

We also know that the new driver must also learn the ‘Rules of the Road’. Understanding the practical application of the ‘Rules of the Road’ is dependent on relating this education to real life experience. And finally the new driver needs to put it all into practice and gain experience in the real world, out on the streets. Our comprehensive Driver Education Programs address each of these areas.

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