Distracted Driving

We have all heard the warning “Don’t Text and Drive”. Many, many people will swear that they don’t text and drive. You may be one of them. But, are they really saying they don’t type messages? Are you? Do these same people ever look at the screen of their smartphone? Do you? Do people believe that the problem with texting and driving is that they have to concentrate to type on their phone? Do you believe that is the issue?

The issue is the distraction. Not the typing.

Driving demands and deserves our full, undivided attention and concentration. The driving environment is dynamic, meaning that it is always changing. Drivers are tracking many, many, many moving objects and are searching for potential dangers from multiple directions all at the same time. Any source of distraction is very dangerous.

AT&T recently produced a video that illustrates the danger of being distracted while driving. Take a few minutes and click on the link to the video on YouTube. It is worth reminding yourself that you may be more distracted than you think. And, although it is easier for a new driver to get distracted, it isn’t always the new driver that is distracted.

Here is the link  AT&T Distracted Driving Video on YouTube