Do Teens Model Their Driving After Their Parents?

Safety Driving SchoolEvery parent wants safety for their child, regardless of age. What parents should not forget is that how they act in different situations will influence their child’s behavior even when he/ she will be an adult.

Teens are typically passionate about the idea of learning how to drive and among the responsibilities of parents there is also the shaping of their child`s driving behavior. Here are two important aspects that matter a lot in this process:

  1. The personal example

This is the most important recommendation you must to follow as a parent. It is well known that the way the parent reacts in different circumstances can have a major impact on the child. So, follow the traffic rules, do not use the phone as you drive and keep calm even in extreme situations. The child must understand the importance of these rules and will not really do it until they see them applied in the family.

  1. Help your teen make the right decisions

Parents often try to impose certain rules without providing the necessary explanations or making sure that children understand why they are allowed / not allowed to behave in a certain way. The most effective solution is to ask questions to figure out how your child would react if it were a driver: “What do you think can happen when driving at high speed?”, “Why do you think it is so important to respect all traffic rules?” etc.  Get your teen enrolled in the best driving school at to give them the life long driving skills they need.