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The elements of MasterDrive training:

Maneuvering and accuracy

You would not think of taking your teen to the top of a black diamond run at a challenging ski area, and asking them to ski down the run without giving them some lessons in the basics of skiing. They MUST learn how to slow and turn and control the skis. Likewise, they need to learn the accurate placement of a vehicle, and the ability to maneuver the vehicle with control, as well as other skills, before going into traffic. And they need practice many repetitions in order to develop those skills.

Dynamics and limitations of modern vehicles

The engineering and technology in today’s cars is amazing – great systems such as improved Braking Systems, ABS, Active Suspension Systems, and other electronic controls to help the driver. The problem is that these systems are of no benefit IF the driver does not know how to use the systems correctly.

Crisis braking and handling

The balance of braking and handling is one of the most important and complex skills. As an experienced driver knows, you have a limited amount of traction between the tires and the road surface. If you lose traction, you are out of control. In addition, you have lost dynamic control. This skill requires many repetitions in order to learn to balance braking and handling, and is especially important in any crisis situation.

Crash Avoidance Maneuvers

In a crisis situation, there is a tendency for the driver to focus on the problem, and then hit the problem. In order to avoid a potential crash, the driver must develop the subconscious “programming” to search for and focus on the solution, and then direct the car there as quickly as possible. Most teens have lightning reactions – the problem is that they do they wrong thing quicker. With many repetitions, a teen can learn to avoid many dangerous situations.

Skid Recovery and Correction

For obvious reasons, every driver should learn something about skid recovery and correction – and also skid avoidance. The only way to learn this important control skill, is the way you learn how to do anything – through practicing in a safe place. That’s why we have our own skid pads. And each student has many repetitions to practice regaining control. While this skill is important for driving in ice and snow, it is also critically important for driving in heavy rain conditions. We all know what hydroplaning means – the tires are riding on top of the water and therefore they have NO contact with the road surface. Example: In a study in San Diego, California, during a heavy rain storm, the crash rate increased by 400% just due to the rain.