Driving on Colorado Roads in 2020

Driving Lessons 2020 New Laws

Starting from September 1st this year, the news related to Colorado roads are focused on the new Interstate 70 traction law, which went into effect and will have an impact on drivers during every ski season, which means until May.

In order to stay ticket free in the first months of 2020, you will have to know how to navigate safely the I-70 traffic, between Dotsero and Morrison. If there will be adverse weather conditions, it is expected that other roads may also see driving restrictions, so keep an eye on the news.  You can also take precautions, and have your teens attend driving lessons Denver area to know how to navigate on the snowy roads.

Drivers of two-wheel-drive vehicles are the most affected by this law. They will be required to use winter tires until May, regardless the weather conditions. Alternatively, they can equip their cars with traction chains that can be installed only when the weather is adverse.

All tires of two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles must have a tread depth of at least three-sixteenths of an inch (compared to just an eighth of an inch in the old law).

Drivers who will be caught without the correct tires will receive a $100 citation with a surcharge of $32.

Remember that from now on, these rules will be in place 24/7, not only during snow storms!