Driving Rules That Are Always Forgotten

Keeping Both Hands on The Wheel

Many drivers admit that the last time they read the driving rule book was before they had taken the driving exam. As you probably know, no knowledge stays fresh for so long, what’s more, traffic rules change all the time, so here are a few of the important, but most frequently forgotten traffic rules that you should pay attention to:

  • Signaling turns – changing directions or lanes involves two activities: the driver must make sure the movement can be carried out safely and he or she must signal the intention to turn or change lanes prior to engaging into the movement. We see drivers skipping at least one of the two actions, creating dangerous situations, road rage, even accidents.
  • Crossing when the light turns amber – when drivers see amber light coming up, they must slow down, not speed up and try to cross before the light turns red.
  • Moving from one lane to the other where the move is not allowed – to be able to occupy the lane that is the most suitable for the direction you want to take you need some forward thinking and a thorough understanding of the lane system. Drivers often cause dangerous situations when they occupy the wrong lane and then they try to correct the mistake by crossing several lanes in one move. For more driving help, visit