Essential Questions That All Parents Should Ask About Driving School and Enrolling Their Children

Ask Questions About Driving Classes Instructors

Enrolling your teen in driving classes in Orange County and getting them the proper instructor to help them through this difficult phase can be a challenge. However, as long as you ask the right questions, there should be no reason why the driving school’s representatives can’t help you make an informed decision:


  • Is my child old enough to attend? This question is typically answered differently depending on the laws of the state or country that you’re living in, but typically the school should be able to give you an assessment based on your child’s age as well as their physical aptitudes and psychological maturity based on a few simple tests.
  • Should I consider spending more on a preventive driving school? The answer to this question will in most cases be yes. In fact, a lot of instructors will recommend that option in order to make sure your teenager learns to be as responsible and as knowledgeable as possible behind the wheel.
  • How soon will my child be able to get their driver’s license after enrolling? This answer will depend on the intellectual and physical abilities of each teenager in part. While some learn faster, others will take their time before being fully ready to take the test.