Examining the Future of Transportation: What You Need to Know About Self-Driving Cars

Future of Transportation

You might have already heard about Google’s self-driving cars and how they failed the real life test. Other companies have also been working on the problem, and Elon Musk believes he can get a fully self-driving Tesla model ready in two years(!). Here are a few more facts about self-driving cars you might not know:


  • The idea behind driverless technology has reportedly been around since the 1930s. At the 1934 World Fair, Futurama already had exhibits involving driverless technology, and they believed at that time that self-driving vehicles would be a reality by the 1960s.
  • Self-driving cars are a reality today, however, they aren’t able to actually drive 100% on their own. A 2004 driving challenge actually made headlines because no self-driving technology managed to get past it.
  • Some companies are very confident about their self-driving vehicles even now. Delphi, a lesser known auto maker, reportedly built a car that managed to drive itself across 15 states and 3,400 miles on its own, making 99% of the decisions without the need for human intervention.
  • Your car might already have some driverless technology. Safety features such as automatic braking and cruise control are commonplace on most vehicles today. Also, some automakers are able to make two or more driverless systems work together in their newer vehicles.


Even though it’s not fully a reality yet, driverless technology exists, and it’s constantly being improved by companies like Google and Tesla. Whether we’ll have fully self-driving cars by 2020 or 2040, one fact is clear: that day is coming, and nothing can really stop it.  For now keep your teenagers obtaining lessons at your local driving schools in Colorado Springs and other busy cities.