Exciting Car Trends for 2019 – What Car Do You Want to Buy?

Cars For 2019

So you’re setting out to buy a new car, and you want to see what 2019 has in store for new and experienced drivers alike. Whether you’re fresh out of driving school, or you’re a seasoned driver in search of a new challenge, you’ll find that the top manufacturers of gas vehicles, hybrids and electric cars during this upcoming year will have a lot of good tricks up their sleeves.


A lot of new car manufacturers tend to focus more on technology, with specific focus on safety tech and smart features. On-board computers are becoming increasingly more complex despite the fact that we still don’t have self-driving cars yet. Nevertheless, the safety standards for 2019 are expected to be set remarkably high, with Cadillac, Honda and Toyota all focusing on offering safer, smarter and more streamlined road vehicles and SUVs.


Hybrids are another trend that continues to grow. Since electric vehicles are still not advanced or cheap enough to take over, hybrids are slowly replacing a lot of gas-powered vehicles that used to be very popular. Today, Generation Z drivers are more likely to opt for a fuel-efficient Honda Insight or Toyota RAV4 this upcoming year.


Hands-on driving assistants and hi-tech touch controls for the stereo, navigation and communication system will also be on the rise. If you want to experience the full extent of 2019’s brush with advanced technology, you should definitely consider choices like the Acura RDX or Nissan Altima, and then possibly brush up on your driving skills and take driving lessons Denver has available to keep your car looking great.