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When can my child start your program?

A student can begin the program once they reach 15 years and 5 months years old.  MasterDrive can meet all the state requirements and more! It’s important to give your child the knowledge and good driving habits they need to stay safe from the very beginning.

When can my child take the Permit Test?

As long as you student is done with the state-required academics, they can take the Permit Test with us up to one month before their birthday.  The earliest your student can get the Permit is on or after their 15 and a half birthday. They take their passing test results to the DMV and their permit is issued.

Can my child take their Driver’s License Test with MasterDrive?

No. They will have to take their test at the DMV office.  You must make an appointment over the phone or online (phone is better!).  Availabilty varies.  Plan ahead! 

Are the CA DMVs requiring appointments for permits and licenses or are they taking walk-ins?

Appointments can be made online, however because of the backlog, they are booked pretty far out.

You are more then welcome to walk in and apply to take the permit test. Please be prepared to wait 2-4 hours, however, it could be less. 

What does my new driver need to bring with them to the DMV to get their permit?


  • Birth certificate
  • Social security number (social security card is preferred, but a tax document will work)
  • 2 proofs of address
  • 30 hours classroom completion form
  • Permit test completion form
  • Parent’s ID

My student is older than 16. Do they still need all of the education younger drivers need in California?

Yes! They still need to complete a Drivers Education class to obtain a certificate of completion. They will need this document to show proof of training. 

Do you offer refunds or transfers on items included in a package but not used?

Per our terms and conditions, purchases that include packages of services offer special pricing made available in a bundle.

Partial refunds will not be available for unused portions of the package, nor can items be transferred to another student.  

Who should I call if I have questions about or need help with my student's Online Education?

If you have questions or need help with your student’s 30 Hours Online education, please call the Online Education Help Desk at 800-942-2050, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CST.

Log in to access the MasterDrive Online Education program here.

What vehicle will be used for training?

Students will use your family vehicle for driving camps. On-street training is completed with a coach in a MasterDrive vehicle.

How is MasterDrive different?

MasterDrive has a  hands-on approach to ensure students are learning the skills to drive a car defensively.  We go above and beyond the state requirements to ensure even new drivers have the skills and confidence to manage the complex and often dangerous situations in modern driving.

Who are your instructors?

Our coaches are highly trained in all facets of driver training.  From our classroom instructors teaching rules of the road and beginning the process, to more advanced levels of instruction, each has been hand selected and given training to ensure they can not only handle a driving lesson, but are coaching your student at the highest level.  

Why are the Driving Camps so important?

The driving camp and advanced driving camps do an incredible job of preparing your young driver for day to day driving situations and hazards.  Also it boosts your child’s focus, confidence, and comfort behind the wheel.
In our driving camps, new drivers learn crisis braking and handling, dynamic control and maneuvering, crash avoidance techniques, and skid recovery and correction through repetition.

What does my new driver need to bring to the DMV to get their driver's license?

  • Permit
  • 2 proofs of address
  • Social security number (social security card is preferred, but a tax document will work)
  • 6 hour on-street completion form
  • 50 hour behind-the-wheel log
  • Vehicle registration & proof of insurance

How long does it take for my student to get documentation that they've completed their 30 hours of education?

Students who complete their 30 hours of education, for both the self-paced online course and classroom, should allow 3 business days for documentation of completion to arrive to the email address on file for the student.  We highly advise that this is taken into consideration when scheduling permit appointments at the DMV.

Do parents need to pre-register a teen driver with the DMV?

On the DMV site, parents would need to create an account and fill out the DL44 form.  Click here for more details.  

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