Finding the Most Easy to Drive to Hikes in Colorado This August

Planned Hiking Adventure

If you’re planning a hiking trip this August, it’s important to account for the driving trip you take to get there. The heat of August, along with the tricky driving conditions on some Colorado roads can be a problem in many cases. So it’s always important to make decisions that will keep you and your party safe:


  • Find hikes that are near the edge of the Rockies, to avoid having to drive too far through the mountains. Driving on the serpentine road of a mountain region can be a scenic trip, but it can also be one of the most dangerous places for an inexperienced driver to go through.
  • Another tip is to stay close to home. If you live around Denver, that shouldn’t be a problem, since most of the best hiking areas are within 30-40 miles of your location. However, if you live in cities that are farther away from the Rocky mountains, your options will be narrowed down.
  • Avoid areas that don’t have a motel on the road you use to get there. Even if you plan on getting to your destination in a single driving session without stopping, it’s still a good idea to account for possible emergencies and make sure you’ll have a place to stop at, should such an event happen.  To get great at mountain driving, look to