Fun Ways to Pass the Time on a Summer Road Trip

Road Trip Fun

Road trips are great and adventure-packed ways to meet new people and to get to know your country, but sitting in the car for hours on end can sometimes become a bit boring and tedious. However, there are many different things you can do to spend that seemingly idle time in a fun way – here are some:

  • Name that tune – all you need for this entertaining game is the car’s radio. Find a station that plays the kind of music that you like and know and try to name the singer, the band and the title of the tune that is being played within 5-10 seconds from the start of the tune;
  • Storytelling – start a story with a simple sentence, then take turns to add a new sentence or a new event to the story. If you are travelling with kids, you can prepare a bag with tiny objects, such as a tin soldier, a candy, a piece from a puzzle or a matchbox car to include into the story – the end of the story will surely be a surprising conclusion;
  • Guess who – you think of a person and the others in the car try to guess who that person is by asking questions. You can make the game more challenging by limiting the number of question that can be asked to 10 or 15.

As with any trip whether you fly or dry make safety first, for driving tips go to