Getting Your Car Squeaky Clean – Does Snow Foam Work on All Cars?

Snow Foam Car Wash

Getting your car cleaned up is not an easy task. In most cases, it can require a lot of different types of cleaning agents, some of which are quite expensive. Snow foam is one of the lesser known and the least accessible products that car washes use. While its effects are known to almost all car owners, not many people know what snow foam does or whether it even works as advertised.


Snow foam works by covering your car in a snow-like cleaning substance that has the property of being very adherent, and sticking to the larger pieces of dirt on your vehicle. Because of this property, the snow foam will work on most vehicles, unless their body or paint is made from a special or fragile material that would require a specific type of cleaning agent.


For most cars, snow foam works as advertised and it does so very well. If you own any type of modern, regular car that is available for purchase at your local dealership, chances are that using snow foam on it will actually improve your speed and ability to get it clean.


So, should you consider buying snow foam for your car? Depending on whether you can afford it and whether your car is likely to respond well to it, snow foam is a great option. A snow foam cannon or gun I not as expensive as you might imagine, and it can do wonders in terms of helping you clean your car more quickly as well as efficiently.  It is recommended to take your car in to get it washed prior to attending driving classes at, especially in the winter, when the roads can really dirty up your car and windows quickly.