Getting Your Teen Ready for Their First Driving Lesson

The first driving lesson is stressful for both parties involved – for the teen learner just as much as for the supervising adult. However, the young driver’s first-time experience with traffic is very important and it can determine the learner’s attitude toward the entire learning process, so here are a few tips to make the young learner’s first-time real-life encounter with the car enjoyable:

  • Setting realistic goals – sit down with the teen driver before the first lesson and discuss the process and the expectations. Don’t aim too high – learning how to start the car, how to use the gear shift, the brake or the accelerator should be enough;
  • Go for a short ride with the teen driver sitting in the front next to you and explain what you do and why do it during the ride;
  • Choose the right location and time of the day – a safe and spacious location, such as an empty parking lot or a country road that does not get much traffic is a great place to start. The time of the day is also important – pick a time when the young learner is not tired and can concentrate on the tasks related to driving and when light conditions are optimal;
  • Explain all the buttons and controls – even if your teen says that he or she knows the dashboard already, take the time to repeat the functions of the knobs and buttons on the dashboard.  Best yet, sign them up for driving with a professional instructor close to home, see