Going Electric in a Changing World – How Do Battery-Powered Cars Work?

Going Electric

Even though electric cars have been around for a long time, it’s only been in the past few decades that they really started to catch on. When the first hybrids came out, electric vehicles also received a surge in popularity, as the stage was set for eco-friendly trends to come to the scene and steal the show.  Now you can get instruction on hybrid car maintenance and operation training from Colorado Springs driving schools in your area.


Electric, battery-powered cars operate a lot like a child’s remote control toy cars. They have an electric motor powered by a reliable battery, and an electric system that facilitates steering and all the secondary systems that the car possesses. While it’s a lot more complex than a toy car, an electric vehicle operates in pretty much the same way, except the motors they use can mimic the dozens or even hundreds of HP generated by gas-powered cars, while the batteries are large, highly efficient lithium ion batteries that you don’t normally find in a common toy store.


Battery powered cars are normally charged using special charging stations available at some gas stations, although you can also charge them at home. Highly efficient and clean, they produce no toxic fumes, and they are much safer to use than any induction engine. Most are even considered safer than hybrid vehicles.


Buying an electric car might set you back a few thousand dollars, but according to many, the investment is well worth it. As newer models like the latest Tesla continue to appear on the scene, electric battery powered cars are becoming increasingly more affordable and accessible to the general public.