How Can You Best Go About Vacuuming Leaves Out of Your Car?

Time To Vacuum All Those Fall Leaves

Being frequently blown by the wind, fallen leaves can find their way just about anywhere. If you find dead leaves in the crevices between various components of your car and engine, then it makes sense to work on eliminating them as soon as possible. But how do you go about vacuuming them, and is it even a good idea to try it with a regular vacuum cleaner?


If you used the coin-operated car vacuum at your local gas station to try to get rid of leaves in the area where the hood meets your windshield or even under the hood, you might have found that there are many places where the leaves get stuck and a basic vacuum cleaner won’t be able to pry them loose.


Fortunately, there are ways around the problem, and in many cases, your basic leaf blower is the key. You can use your leaf blower to blow out not only the stuck leaves, but the debris and moisture that tends to gather in those crevices as well. All you have to do is point the leaf blower to the area that you want to clean, and move it, altering the air pressure until everything is clear.


Afterwards, you can cover your car or the affected areas – such as the grill and windshield wipers – with a cloth or a tarp that’s just large enough to offer adequate coverage and prevent leaves from making their way under the hood again.  For more vehicle maintenance and adverse weather driving tips, stop by