How Can You Keep Your Car Interior Looking and Smelling Fresh?

When it comes to your car interior, there are certain areas that are more capable of absorbing bad odors than others. While some expensive cars don’t really have this problem, especially if you own high quality leather upholstery that is designed to never absorb pet smells and other types of odors from food and various materials, you still have to consider keeping your interior clean and make sure any bad odors are dealt with swiftly.


A great way to get rid of bad odors is to do so before they appear. If you know you’ll have a couple of messy and energetic kids in the backseat, or if you plan on taking your pet with you on a longer road trip, make sure you use a car freshner or a backseat cover to prevent any soiling or odors from causing trouble.  The MasterDrive in Orange County has seen plenty of messy cars and try to help their customer’s understand it is important to keep your vehicle clean and unobstructed.


Cleaning the upholstery periodically – even if there are no stains present – can also be a good course of action. Failing to do so would cause your upholstery to absorb a lot of unwanted smells over weeks and months, until when you finally want to clean it, you’ll find the pet smells and food odors are much harder to eliminate.


Clean mats, a properly maintained dashboard and tidy storage areas are also important if you want your car to look and smell good. Once you clean and tidy up, just add your favorite car freshner, and you’re ready to go.