How Can You Know Your Directions Without the Use of a Compass?

Compasses Are Great Companions When Hiking

Most people will recommend that you have a compass in order to know where to go, especially if you’re out in the middle of nowhere and there are no roads that can show you a specific direction based on your road maps. Fortunately, this isn’t true, and even if your regular compass or the compass on your phone isn’t working, you can still find your way with the following tips:


  • If it’s night time, the best way to find out where North is would be to identify the Big Dipper in the sky. This is a constellation of seven stars that spin around the North Star, which is just a small visual distance away from the second pointer star.
  • In the daytime, the simplest method is to use the hands of your watch. As long as you have an analog watch that functions accurately, you can simply place your watch in such a way that the hour hand is pointed at the sun (Northern hemisphere) or the 12 o’clock point pointed at the sun (Southern hemisphere), and wherever your hour hand or 12 o’clock point points to is where North will be.


Of course, there are many other methods as well, but these two are the simplest ones. Trees, moss and even using a couple of sticks planted in the ground can be used to tell where North is and find your way easily.  You can find classes at that offer more than just driving classes.